7 Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

7 Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is a statement piece that should exude your personality! It’s the focal point in the living room and where so much conversation happens. If you’re not sitting on the porch swing chatting away, you’re more than likely taking a rest on the couch in front of the coffee table. Guests should see this as a reflection of you and your family’s personality. So, let’s make this crucial design element come to life!

Whether it’s glamorous, casual chic, or rustic, consider including these elements to make your coffee table stand out in the crowd! Here are some of my favorite elements to include and how I decorated mine to bring out a little of my southern personality.  

Elements that can set the tone and make such a big difference in your room!

  • Personalize it- Elements that make you happy or tells a story about you are always interesting and great conversation pieces. I put out some Shells that from my trips to Bahamas and Charleston
  • Candles- Ler your signature scent fill the room
  • Flowers or Succulents- I always have some arrangement centered in the tray year round. In the spring I treat myself and get a fresh bouquet for the table each week. It brings such a happy vibe to the room.
  • Tray- I try to stick with something that classic yet elegant that centers the elements in one grouping, but is also user-friendly for a glass of wine or cocktail for my guests.


  • Height: adding an element of height draws your attention to the details of the table. I used these transitional yet straightforward candlesticks and a gathering of three to bring in the gold tones as well.

  •  Coffee Table Books- These books are some of my favorites and of course they just so happen to be beautiful as well as display my fashion style. When guests visit, it makes me feel good that they pick them up and peruse all while chatting away.  Someone always leaves feeling inspired!

  • Art Deco or object of personality: I added the magnifying glass and a gold box to add dimension and interest to the table.

I hope you liked my coffee table style tips and you felt inspired to bring some of your own to the table!

What were your favorite elements that I shared?

Have a wonderful day!





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