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My change in location didn’t leave behind my southern taste or level of keen attention to the details for a beautiful home.   I try to articulate my style that heralds the southern charm that is innate within me, but I still like to capture the heart of the midwest within our home. Retaining the elements that I’ve grown up being a part of, living in the south and intertwine the midwest.

Equally important, I added in my husband’s style and his love for the great outdoors, reflecting both our worlds.  I love the energy that comes from the contrast between our two worlds. Our home tells the story of us and is seen from room to room

Decorate With What You LOVE

Having a connection to the things within our home is something of importance to me. Maybe it’s something I bought from a flea market with my Mama, or brought back from my travels with friends. Your home should reflect a little of everything, the things that matter the most, collected and assembled all in one space. Whatever it is, I find a special place for it because these are the things that make me happy and help make our home, our own.

Don’t Always Follow the Rules!

   Believe you me, as much as I love interior design; I drool over the newest, latest, design trends.  Before you know it I want to make drastic changes, much to the dismay of my sweet hubby.  Not only, can this be costly, but trends come and go, as quickly as shoulder pads and parachute pants!   If something trendy catches my eye, I may add a small element of it within my home.  It can be easily undone when I tire of it, or it falls into the ” so yesterday” fashion trend. So, I try my best to not to abide by too many decorating rules.  Focusing on what appeals to me and what I love has always served me well.

 I look forward to welcoming you and revealing some of our favorite rooms in our home!


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