Beauty Queen Secrets Revealed!


I’ve taken the opportunity to dismantle the assumptions made on the pageant world and let you in on some of their fabulous secrets. My sweet sister queens have agreed to divulge some of their best-kept secrets! From hemorrhoid cream to butt glue, I will let you in on a few tricks you can keep up your own sleeve!

Here you’ll get the inside scoop from some of the most amazingly gorgeous women who have perfected these beauty secrets along with their make-up artists. How fun is that? Some of these underground tips and tricks have been around for ages, and I’m wondering how in the world I didn’t hear about these sooner!.  So, here we go, with this week’s first beauty secret from yours truly!

  •  BEAUTY SECRET #1 From Yours Truly-I’m going to have to go with…using hemorrhoid cream to reduce puffy eyes. Just apply the cream as part of your regular skincare routine after moisturizer.  A little is really all you need.

Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018



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