BEAUTY SECRET From Mrs. Minnesota 2018 Allison Crandall

Beauty Secret

Girl, sleep on your back!

Sleeping on your back will save your face from premature aging! I’ve
always been a back sleeper so this wasn’t a new habit for me. When I
found out that J Lo is ALSO a back sleeper, I just had to know more!
She places pillows around her face to avoid turning over. This helps
to keep weight off of one side to avoid wrinkling.

Let’s be honest, if you have children, you most likely struggle with
dark circles from tired eyes! What I love to do is use two different
concealers for my under eyes that are clean conscious and high
performing! I use a salmon colored corrector to help neutralize dark
under eye circles. Think of this as your “paint primer”. Then I use a
concealer from the same brand that brightens my under eyes as well as
camouflages any other skin imperfections. The concealer acts as “the

Voila! You’ll be looking youthful, fresh-faced and bright-eyed in no time!

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