DYSON Supersonic Hair





I have heard all the chatter for the last year about this Dyson hairdryer. I’ve read so many of the reviews and wowza; thousands would agree, it’s worth it. It was hard for me to justify the price tag since I’m more of a “Steals and Deals” kinda girl, …But after cashing in on a gift card from Nordy’s I had been saving I pulled the trigger! This hair dryer did not disappoint and here are the reason’s this supersonic machine blows me away!:)

#1. Less drying time! Thank you. I needed more time in the morning!

#2. It gets your hair so smooth! 

#3 The attachments were so easy to use and allowed for options for a smooth, sleek look or diffusing with less frizz if you want to define those curls.

#4 It’s Lightweight, which means that my arm wasn’t tired after my drying experience.

#5 Easier to maneuver because the motor is located in the handle, making it less top heavy.

#6 Bladeless Technology.  I am embarrassed to say that I have gotten my hair stuck in hair dryer blades once or twice in my life and the result sister, wasn’t so good!


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