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So now you’ve found that perfect cozy sweater or just invested in some luxurious cashmere, but now you need to make sure those treasures stay in tip-top shape for the season and for years to come. Taking care of your sweaters is not only about cleaning them, but it’s also about storing and folding them properly.

“Know When To Fold ’em” 

Looking into my closet I’ve often pondered the question,  “should I hang this sweater or fold it?”  Sadly, I have limited shelf space in my closet so I opt to hang most of my sweaters.  So, here are some tips I use to make sure my sweaters are as good as new!


So, Raise your hand if you have ever gotten those hanger indentions in your most loved sweaters, or folded your sweater only to pull it off the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” to find the arms are all distraught with wrinkles- I’m guessing most of you! UGH! Well, that’s just made for a bad morning! Oh, I’m with ya’ll and friends, that’s no way to start the #OOTD! So, let me help you out a little and give you some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way that make the sweater weather a little more fabulous!

Hang: ( folding on a hanger) If you hang your sweaters the main thing to remember is to fold it so that they don’t have the unflattering indents and the bottom is stretched out and droopy!

So, here’s step by step instructions on how to fold them on the hanger to avoid doing so.

  1. Forget the traditional way of folding your sweaters, fold your sweater in half vertically.
  2. Next, put the hanger hook in the armpit of the folded sweater
  3. Fold the sleeves over one side and the body of the sweater over the other side, crisscrossing them.
  4. Now, you are ready for hanging it and you won’t be disappointed next time you try to wear your favorite sweater

Fold: Don’t you love going into a store and seeing all the sweaters nice and neat on the shelf, stacked to perfection?  I often wonder how many times sales associates have to redo that stack when customers are trying to find their size at the very bottom. I’m always consciences of trying to stack them back as I found them, but goodness gracious, I’ve seen some of those towers come falling down.  I’ve watched and learned from some of them and here’s one of the best ways I’ve found to fold your sweaters for the shelf.

  1. Start with the back sweater the facing  you
  2.  Fold one sleeve straight across the back of the sweater- repeat the other sleeve
  3. Fold one side into the center of the sweater- repeat on the other side
  4. Fold the bottom to the top

Store: It’s not always going to be sweater weather, so keeping those cozy sweaters in your closet taking up real estate, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So, how do we store our sweaters without ruining them?

Here are a couple of options: Plastic Containers or Cotton Bins.

  1. Airtight plastic clear containers.  Just make sure they are sealed properly and easy to get to for the change in season.
  2. Cotton Bins: Cotton Bins are a great option for storing the delicate and softer fabric sweaters as they are more breathable than the sealed bin.

 You may consider rolling them for long-term storage.  Just lay it flat, smooth out the wrinkles, fold one arm horizontally across the top, so the cuff reaches the shoulder area.  Repeat for the other arm. 

Okay now, let’s Roll…begin at the bottom, and roll upward.  Now that the roll is nice and neat, tie a cloth or wide ribbon around to secure it into place. Now you’re ready to choose an option to store them in.

Clean: I have been introduced to the LAUNDRESS and I really love it. They have products for wool, cashmere and all your delicate wash. It’s super gentle on fabrics and their website offers some great tips on how to clean just about any stain. BONUS: Enjoy the $15 off with using the SCRUB15 promo code!

Additionally, here’s a little recipe on how to wash sweaters by hand with mild detergent and white vinegar

  1. Fill a small plastic tub with cool water and add a small amount of mild detergent
  2. Add 3/4 cup of white vinegar
  3. Turn your sweater inside out in the tub
  4. Swish the sweater a bit
  5. Soak 10-15 minutes
  6. Rinse by removing the sweater and replacing the tub with clean water
  7. Swish again, gently with clean water, repeat
  8. Don’t wring your sweater- lay flat to dry on a towel.

Care: De Fuzz that sweater!  When your sweater gets the fuzzies and pills, here are some options to try

  • I have always used this fabric razor.  Some comments suggested that you run the risk of the fibers from the sweater being damaged by using one, this has never happened to me but I’m cautious with it as well.
  • Someone recently suggested the Sweater Stone at Nordstrom’s It’s only $7.95!
  • Another option is the Laundress Comb…Two fine metal mesh screens on a cedar wood handle gently pick up stray pills while leaving renewed yarns behind. Simply glide in one direction over target areas.

I hope you are enjoying fall days and that I’ve added a few tips for your treasured sweaters.

Please leave a comment and let me know the ways you take care of your sweaters or fabulous products we must try!!

Happy Fall Y’all



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