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I LOVE going to the Spa.  From the time I am handed my robe and slippers, to the last minute soaking up the luxurious cloud of aromatherapy!   Sadly, I don’t get to this little piece of heaven often enough. I’m a juggling mama and let’s face it; it usually takes me at least 20 minutes to disengage from work and mommy-hood allowing my mind float to relaxation land. Recognizing that I’m a better me, when I spend a little time taking care of myself I try to create a piece of this indulgence at home! I have declared Sunday as “spa day”  to try new products, facials,  treatment regimens, and to do a little much-needed pampering! Whatever day you choose here are some of my favorite products and my Sunday Spa Routine that will make you feel like you just left the lap of a luxury spa!


Fill your space with aroma and warm light to start your spa experience. Add some fresh flowers or a cup of tea to set the stage for the ultimate pampering experience.  Try one of my favorite candles by Seeking Balance-Illuminate in Juniper Rosewood.


 I begin by using these fantastic Arcona Cranberry Toner Triad Pads for my face to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup left behind from the day. This scent is just heavenly and is so calming. I purchased mine at Nordstrom’s

or Can also be found online at the skin store


When my skin is clean, I apply the Aveda intense hydrating masque while I soak in a bath filled with either Epsom or sea salts for about 15 minutes. (The directions for the mask say 5-10 minutes, but I’ve slept in the mask before, so I typically leave it on for the duration of my spa time)



Then, I use the Aveda Beautifying BODY Scrub.

I love the light mineral-rich salt crystals and how it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It washes away and leaves your skin feeling super soft. After the bath soak.  I apply the Rodan + Fields, Active Hydration to my body, especially my legs and any extra dry problem areas.


I use Rodan + Fields, Active Hydration to my body, especially my legs and any extra dry problem areas.

Don’t forget your hands! I add some additional hand relief with one of my must-haves, Aveda Hand Relief. I have the travel sizes in my car and one in my purse!


Lastly, Breathe in the Aveda essential oil.  


Take the time to reflect on the miracles and all that you are thankful for in your life.  Press your reset button and toast to beautiful, fabulous, YOU! Cheers! 


What’s your favorite Spa essentials and do you have a designated day to pamper yourself?



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