Southern Style

Come on in and sit right down!

I am not going to lie; it is difficult being a southern girl living in the midwest when it comes to the weather.   The “frozen tundra” presents me with lots of wardrobe challenges throughout the year.  There are so many days I want to put on those fabulous stilettos but practicality sets in when I see slush and salt!  The weather predicts a moral compass for me to ponder for most months of the year! So, what’s a southern girl to wear in these conditions?

Even though I am told by the weatherman to bundle up and dress like the Michelin Man, I refuse to look like him! No, ma’am, that’s not going to happen!  When you visit me, you will find outfits I wear for work, playing with the kiddos, date nights with my hubby, special events, and going out with the girls, southern style! 

I have found a balance of not compromising my southern style yet realizing that after all these years, the weather is a factor and plays a part in wardrobe. There are plenty of days I fight the inside voice of that stinkin’ weatherman! Bless his heart!

I chose fashion over practicality. There have been times when that choice has almost landed me on my cutie patootie slipping on the ice with my heels.  You can only imagine what my husband wants to say to me. He is a native to the midwest, so he is used to the cold. He may warn me a few times, but he also knows I’ll always refuse the big bulky coat opting for the fabulous jacket and heels every time!  So, he shakes his head, goes with my flow and never says, “I told you so.”   

If I could, I would have an event every day.  To stand in my closet and create an outfit for an occasion is fun for me.   Look, I know who I am, I make no apologies… I love to dress up!  Lord only knows where I am going, but I am going somewhere, and  “somewhere” is usually less fancy than my attire.  Listen, sweet friend; I’d much rather be overdressed than underdressed any day of the week! 

At times, I do try to have a little rational thought process with some wise wardrobe choices. No matter what, there is an effort at trying to look my best and some thought behind planning my outfits. So, stay with me! I can’t wait to chit chat about all the fun we are going to have styling outfits for any occasion! 




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