Welcome to Carolina Posh!

Why in the world would a southern belle choose to live in the frozen tundra of the upper Midwest? Love, sugar! And it is no easy task– I mean my pumps are always stuck in the mud and snow, my winter whites get wet in the snowfall, and Lordy, let’s not even talk about my make-up in this weather! But love makes us all do strange things. So here I am, in the frigid far north, snuggled up by the fire, cold, but staying true to my southern roots. No matter what—I’m stylin’ Carolina Posh!

2018 was a year of taking chances.  I faced my fear, believing and challenging myself, and entered Mrs. Wisconsin America. I mean, come on, I was raised on the beauty of the South and knew I might have something to offer—so– In June, I was crowned Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018!  Yeah, that’s right…southern girl wins a Wisconsin crown! It’s also the year I decided to venture into something I had been wanting to do for years – starting this blog.  Connecting with y’all to help you feel empowered, beautiful and confident, even if you are juggling emails, carpools, playdates and meetings all at once. It all brings me back to my southern roots and the things I am so passionate about. 

Needless to say, I have a lot going on, and I juggle like so many of you.  I try my best to get things right, but occasionally crash and burn trying to navigate a work-life balance. I’m not afraid of making fun of myself, because it’s comical being me in the Midwest…and my friends that know me well, laugh along with me. Ok, they sometimes laugh at me too but I can laugh right along with them. It’s all done with southern style and grace, even if I am wiping wet snow from my perfect winter- white wool jacket. I try, to remain true to my southern self no matter what the task of the day.

I am a southern girl from North Carolina who fell in love with a Midwest guy, and moved to Wisconsin to share our life together…my friends, that is true love! Lord help me—LOVE is the only reason I can bare these winters up here!

I am also a proud mama to Ivy Grace and John Clayton. I’m truly thankful for my little blessings and knew from an early age that no matter what, I wanted to be a mom.   These two love bugs keep me crazy busy each and every day, but I can’t see it any other way. I make sure they are infused with a little “south” all the time. I mean I have to, right?

I love feeling connected to people, empowering, and lifting others around me.  I hope you enjoy seeing how I bring my grit, grace, and southern charm to the Midwest through my personal style and beauty tips…with a whole lot of must-have humor. So grab a glass of sweet tea and travel down south with me. It’ll be fun and we’ll have us a good laugh to boot!

With Love!